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2.2.11 20:46


Hallo Leute!

Just watching some Tv series and think about that what can I wear for Fashion Week tomorrow. It would be red i think but not sure yet. I'm so confused. Actually I like fashion weeks on summer cos lots of option for dressing. I have to think abot the weather even though its so cold. Not snowing but freezing cold, about to snow.
2.2.11 20:42

About Today

Lets mention about today. Not a interesting day to talk about but let me say some word. Wake-up so late than other usual Mondays. Becauseeeee, today is holidays 1st day.-till February 14th. HAHA! What a perfect date come up! 14 FEBRUARY, will not be different from other ones-for me. But I dunno, who knows that he appear suddenly with his white horse. Just kidding of course not with his white horse cliche, with his white AUDI R8 for sure ;-) Image and video hosting by TinyPic
31.1.11 20:55

For my first entry: Scheiße!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic OK. That suits a lot I think. For my mood likewise I'm not gonna wrote here in German. I mean I 'couldn't' :-) I understand German language I even can speak but not fluently. It's not enough to wrote whole blog in German. But I promise sometimes I'm gonna try in DEUTSCH. Maybe after a period time I can be able to write in Deutsch. OK. Jetzt beenden. Tschüss! Hau Rein!
31.1.11 19:41


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